Interview Tips

Interview tips:

The following tips have been compiled for you by Medical Career Resources. They relate specifically to interviewing for positions in medical facilities. However, they may also be of value when interviewing for other types of positions.

1. Do your homework. Research the organization before you interview. Know as much as you can about the facility before you arrive. This will demonstrate your seriousness about the position and will help you ask more informed questions.
2. Generally speaking, medical offices and hospitals are conservative so dress and act accordingly. Limit the amount of jewelry you wear and don’t use heavy perfume or cologne. No more than one ring per hand and nothing pierced other than ears. Wear conservative clothes.

  • Women – No very short skirts or dresses. No plunging necklines or see-through tops.
  • Men – Wear a suit/sports coat if possible. Always wear a tie.

3. Arrive on time, preferably five minutes early. Being late for an interview is a very bad first impression.
4. Greet your interviewer with a firm handshake and a smile and strong eye contact.
5. Do not chew gum during the interview.
6. Make a lot of direct eye contact with your interviewer throughout the interview.
7. Ask questions to demonstrate your interest in the job.
8. Be prepared to answer some challenging questions such as: “Why did you leave your last position?” or “Why do you feel you could do a good job for us?” or “Tell me why I should hire you?” or “What is your biggest weakness?”Above all, always be truthful in your comments and in all the information on your resume. Withholding information or not being truthful will always be found out eventually.
9. Don’t get too personal – keep it professional.
10. You should not be the one to bring up salary. Remember, your goal is to get the offer and then you decide if you want the job. Get the job offer first.
11. Make sure that this is a job that you want before accepting the job. Turning it down after you have accepted it does not look professional.

Resume Tips

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